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When you have a problem, it’s tempting to just hop on the internet and ask your question. However, before asking for help, please perform a search first.

Chances are that your question has already been answered. Also, take some time to browse the site first to see if you can find any solutions yourself.

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Blogging is a profession that has been around for quite some time. There are thousands of people who would like to start their own blog, but they don’t know where to start.

The purpose of the Tag Blogger Forum is to help each other perform well online, share knowledge and offer support.

đź’ˇ IMPORTANT INFORMATION: It is of utmost importance to ensure that your profile is fully completed. Please include either a genuine image of yourself or your company logo. Authenticity plays a vital role in establishing trust within our community. Please be aware that any profile that does not meet our requirements will be promptly removed to ensure the best experience for all users.

  • This forum is created to help bloggers with their online problems. It is not created for spamming or selling purposes.
  • Links to your website, social media sites, or any other type of advertising is not allowed on this forum
  • This forum do not allow you to share any personal information such as personal e-mail address, home address, phone number, credit card information. The internet is a great resource for information, but it can pose a security risk to those who share private information. 
  • Only reply to a topic if you know the answer/solution and it is beneficial for the other users. If you don’t have the relevant experience please do not mislead by providing low quality or wrong information
  • Post in the appropriate forum with the relevant topic. 
  • Don’t post the same topic in multiple areas for the same issue. 
  • Be patient and wait for your question to be answered. Remember this is a volunteer forum. Don’t expect your problem to be instant solved and offer time to those who try to help.
  • Thread hijacking is when someone inserts themselves into a conversation to bring up their own point, which is unrelated to the original topic. This can lead to confusion and frustration among other commenters. Don’t hijack someone else’s thread. Login and create your own topic.
  • Some people feel that they can’t come up with a fitting introduction for this topic. It is important to remember that the introduction is the first thing that someone will read on a given topic after reading the title. It should be meaningful, relevant and engaging to keep them reading.

Forum Etiquette

Forum etiquette is an understanding of how to behave when considering the online forum. It covers everything from what posts should be made, to how to use the interface, and what types of behaviours should be avoided.

Forum etiquette is not only for your benefit, but also for everyone else that may want to participate in the forum.

  • The best way to communicate effectively is by using language that’s natural and conversational to you. Write in the same tone you would when speaking to someone in person. This will help your writing come across as more relaxed and genuine.
  • Don’t use chat slang.
  • Use English language only and If possible check your spelling and punctuation. 
  • We all want quick responses to our posts. Unfortunately bumping a message can be annoying and frustrate others so giving your post some time to be answered is the best way to go.
  • The average reader has a short attention span these days. If your post is more than three paragraphs long, it’s likely that they’ll stop reading. So, even though you might want to ramble on and get your point across, don’t. You can get your point across in a much more effective way if you make it short and concise.
  • Be nice and respectful with all other members.

    The forum is a great place for people to share their thoughts, opinions and advice. As such, all members are expected to be nice and respectful with other members. Any rude language or slagging will not be tolerated.

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

– John Templeton


The rules on this site are in place to ensure that we can maintain a high quality community and provide you with a valuable and productive experience.
These rules will restrict you from participating and viewing certain content if you break them.

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