Content Submission Rules

Blogging is not just about writing content. It’s about making connections and networking with people who share the same interests as you. It’s also about sharing your experiences and knowledge with other bloggers for the benefit of others.

The blogosphere is an ever-growing community, but it still faces the problem of lack of diversity in voice. That is why we are encouraging leaders in the blogging industry to make their contribution and help this community grow.

We want women bloggers to feel empowered by providing them the platform to share their opinion with others. We want men bloggers to give up on stereotypes and share their opinion with others. We also want people from diverse backgrounds to come together and collaborate on this project.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The opportunity to contribute to this platform will be offered FREE of charge exclusively to our first 50 valuable contributors upon its launch.

Once this limited capacity is reached, a subscription fee will be introduced. Act now to secure your complimentary participation and showcase your valuable input in this community.

Content Submission Rules

  • Tag Blogger accepts the following content submission format: News/Features/Blogs in the Story Section, Polls, Open Lists, Ranked Lists,  Quiz, Versus.
  • Content uploaded in the Story section (text format like news/features/blog posts) should be for a minimum of 1500 words and provide quality and valuable information.

    Please note that AI-generated content will not be accepted. Our company values the human touch and believes in the power of genuine creativity and expertise when it comes to producing high-quality content.

  • Push sale content is not permitted. Content should be, informational, educational, entertaining and engaging. 
  • When quoting other’s work please offer credits in the body text and link to the publication/author. 
  • Content should be 100% original – free of plagiarism, written in a casual / friendly tone.
  • To ensure a positive experience for our readers, we kindly request that the content you submit on this platform is both educational and valuable. We believe in providing high-quality information to our audience, and anything that does not align with this goal will be respectfully declined. By maintaining the integrity of our platform, we can continue to deliver exceptional value to our readership.
  • To uphold the integrity and quality of the content in our story section, we kindly request that you include only one affiliate link or a link to your own product or service. This ensures a seamless and engaging reading experience for our users, while still enabling you to effectively promote your offerings. For all other submissions, we kindly request that you refrain from including external links. However, we do understand the significance of promoting your profile and encourage you to include a link to it. This will allow you to showcase your work and connect with others, all while adhering to our guidelines.
  • Try to make use of the SEO practice and link to outside trusted sources in a natural SEO-friendly way.
  • Use subheadings, bullet points where applicable and short sentences for easy reading.
  • Use keywords and related keyword phrases in the post title, subheadings and within the text.
  • Link to another Tag Blogger post where possible, either yours or another story related to your topic.
  • Attribute it to the right categories and tags.
  • Exclusively blogging-related articles and content are welcome; no crypto or unrelated topics will be accepted.

NOTE: In our thriving blogging community, we have a shared responsibility for each other’s success. Therefore, we kindly request every contributor to promptly share their approved content at least once it’s published.

This collaborative effort is crucial in nurturing mutual growth and supporting one another’s businesses. To further reinforce our connections, we also ask that you share a screenshot of your post on our Facebook group page. Please note: The Facebook group is solely for showing your support. Please refrain from posting questions on it. All inquiries should be directed to our forum.

If you haven’t already joined, we warmly invite you to be part of our community by following this link. Thank you for your active participation, as together, we create an environment where every member can flourish.

Mindset Post Submissions

In our “Mindset” category, we emphasize the significance of a positive and growth-oriented mindset in achieving business success. As such, this space is exclusively designated for coaches and consultants who are experts in their respective fields.

Mind setting plays a pivotal role in driving businesses forward, and we believe that only advice and information from seasoned professionals can truly empower our community. Thus, we strictly limit contributions in this section to those who can demonstrate their authority and expertise as coaches or consultants.

If you are a qualified coach or consultant looking to expand your visibility and share valuable insights, the Mindset section offers the perfect platform for you. Showcase your expertise, connect with peers, and contribute to the collective growth of our community. Together, let’s inspire and drive each other towards greater success through the power of a positive mindset.

How to Become a Tag Blogger Contributor?

  • You have to be a blogger with at least one year of experience and have an active blog / website.
  • Sign in / register as a Tag Blogger user. 
  • To enhance your credibility and establish your authority, it’s crucial to upload a genuine picture of yourself or your company logo. Additionally, take the time to complete your profile with as much relevant information as possible. These steps will not only confirm your legitimacy but also help build trust with potential clients or customers.

  • In order to ensure the highest level of quality and relevance, profiles that do not meet our requirements will be promptly removed. This enables us to maintain a user base that is aligned with our standards and ultimately enhances the overall experience for everyone involved.
  • Submit your content here.

Please note: All content must be approved before showing up on this site. (Please make sure to double check your content for grammar, spelling, tone & personality style and SEO).

Contributor Agreement

By submitting your content to Tag Blogger, you agree the following:

  • The Tag Blogger gets exclusivity rights to all submitted content.
  • You cannot republish the submitted content on other sites or publications. 
  • Once your content is approved and live on Tag Blogger – you will share it on your social media accounts and newsletter
  • Ensure you have copyright permission for any stock photos, video, embedded links in your post.
  • Agree that your content is original, plagiarism free and you have attributed credits (in text links) where applicable. 
  • Reply to all your readers comments and be supportive.

Benefits of Being a Tag Blogger Contributor

In return of being a valuable contributor you will:

  • Be featured on our Contributors Page;
  • Have the ability to link back to your blog/website;
  • Allowed to add affiliate links / your products / services links in your post, (two content related links per post – no push sale);
  • Be able to submit your recommended blogging resources (two affiliate/own products / month) to be accessed by all users anytime. (You must be an active contributor – minimum of two articles/month x minimum of 1500 words / article). Send your links here
  • Get exposure and traffic to your blog/website.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The opportunity to contribute to this platform will be offered FREE of charge exclusively to our first 50 valuable contributors upon its launch.

Once this limited capacity is reached, a subscription fee will be introduced. Act now to secure your complimentary participation and showcase your valuable input in this community.

Don’t miss out on this early-bird privilege to be part of our growing platform. Reserve your spot today and make your mark before the subscription system takes effect. Contribute here.

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